Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Thursday, March 27, 2014

God of War: Ascension

When working on God of War I was heavily involved in art management for outsourced character assets. The assets were cleaned up by me for the multiplayer portion of the game. I also had my hand in making various assets for the single player. Here are a few of them I made for single player.

Plus Minus

In Plus Minus there were two Minions/Demons I had worked on in the Project and only one was used. I was responsible for the sculpt/model in this short. If you wanna check it out there's a link below.


Requiem 2019

Here is a few stills from a short I had worked on some time ago. Its about the last remaining blue whale that comes eye to eye with its enemy. In this short I was responsible for sclupting/modeling the blue whale. If you want to check it out there's a link posted below.


Personal work